Jazz I (Ages 5-8)

Jazz I classes are held every Friday from 5:15 PM – 6:15 PM

Students will begin with a structured warm up to emphasize repetition and really get the dancers warm for every possible combination. They will then go through a light stretching regimen to increase flexibility. We will work on different types of jazz styles from “sassy” jazz to musical theater to contemporary movements through the combinations taught in class. Students will also focus on some turning, leaps, and performance quality. As students progress through each level they will be advanced to the next level.

Jazz II (Ages 9+)

Jazz II classes are held every Thursday from 6:15 PM – 7:15 PM

Jazz class will focus on learning proper technique such as isolations of the body, improving quality of movements and developing complex rhythms and patterns. Students will experience various styles of jazz such as Broadway and Contemporary to help develop them into a well developed dancer. Class curriculum is based on ballet technique with traditional jazz movement and includes a proper warm-up, stretches, across-the-floor, progressions, and combinations.